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Hi! I'm Diane, and I'm a headshot + portrait photographer based in New York City.

I believe people look best when they are relaxed and happy so I create an environment where my clients feel comfortable and chill and we usually get to chatting about their favorite things. You'll never hear the words "give me more ferocity or sexy" out of my mouth! True story, that happened to me at a shoot and you can IMAGINE how awkward my face looked in those shots.

I have a large background in performing which makes me well suited for taking pictures for actors- I have firsthand experience with what you're going through in front of the camera, and a good idea of what your needs will be.  (Feel free to check me out at

My job is to make you look like the best possible & most authentic version of yourself. Sessions with me are relaxed  & in natural light. And while I have stylist sessions available, I actually find that more often than not, headshots look best when you style yourself.   

You bring yourself, several looks to choose from, and come styled in your favorite outfit. We talk beforehand to identify your goals, and before the session we develop the succinct looks and ideas we will capture during the shoot. I take care of the last minute styling and makeup additions/adjustments for the camera. 

Up to 7 business days later, all your shots from the shoot go onto a private online gallery (which you can download from). You decide on and tell me your faves and I will do light retouching  and email them back to you within 24-48 hours.

Payments can be made by credit card, cash, or check, and are due, of course, on the day of the shoot. 

Looking forward!


Contact me 646.431.7442 /

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